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Christina Thum

Naturopathic Practitionor in Traditional European Naturopathy TEN

Everybody is different, but we are all “right”. Therapy work is always interesting for me. I serve others with my compassion, my curiosity and always with fun in my work.


Everyone has the abilities for a productive, happy life within him/herself

Recognizing and connecting with these abilities and forces fascinates me. Through my various trainings I recognize connections between different levels. Body ailments, problems in life, systemic issues of the family, laboratory parameters. Everything is in interaction.

I am qualified in traditional European naturopathic medicine (TEN), osteopathy, physiotherapy, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, human design, energy and information medicine. Approved by Swiss supplementary health insurance companies as a naturopath with federal diploma TEN. (ZSR number: R691861)


1987 – 1990 Physiotherapy in Münster (DE)
1990 – 1995 Osteopathy International Academy of Osteopathy Belgium
2004 – 2008 Applied Kinesiology, ICAK-DE (Munch, DE)
Study of medizin at LMU München until 1. State Exam
2007 – 2008 Naturopathic Practitionor (exam in München, DE)
2008 Emigration to switzerland
2009 Naturopathic Practitionor exam (Basel, CH)
Electroacupuncture according to Voll by Dr. Fonk (Munich, DE)
2010 Information und Energiemedizin; TimeWaver Arbeit
2011 – 2012 Dark field training Dr. Rau Paracelsus Klinik, Mrs. Kapferer (Schwellbrunn, CH)
2013 Human Design Analysis
Seit 2013 Lecturing (Heilpraktiker Schule Paracelsus, TimeWaver Academy, QuantiSana HeilPraxis)
2014 – 2015 Organizer of Human Design Workshops
2016 Nutritional Medicine Ketogenic, Diet Dr. Reinwald Academy / (DE)
2017 Intensive introduction to Structural System Constellations with med. Ivan Vern Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy FMH
/Zurich, CH)
CAS Study Integrative Diagnostics at the Health Campus of the St. Elisabeth University EU Lucerne/Munich
2018 Posturology
2018 – 2022 Traditional Natural Medicine TEN
2020 Foundation of the Online Institute for Traditional European Natural Medicine
2021 Traditional Natural Medicine TEN, Iris Diagnosis, Humoral Medicine
2022 Naturopathic Practitionor in Traditional European Naturopathy TEN, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education